Blogtober14 Challenge

Hey guys,

so I just discovered the most fun blogging challenge for October. I’m obviously a few days late, but that is not going to keep me from still jumping on the bandwagon and participating. This challenge consists of blogging with Tay and Helene. Tay and Helene created this challenge for the whole month of October and for every day bloggers need to blog about a specific topic given in the challenge. Hundreds of bloggers all over the globe are already participating and since you can link all up by using the hashtag #blogtober14 it’s a great way to meet new and established bloggers worldwide.

Helene in Between Blogtober

As you all know I just recently started blogging, a couple of days ago to be more specific, so I obviously need to blog a few posts before being able to catch up to the other bloggers. So if you see an unusual amount of posts over the next couple of days, it’s because I am trying to catch up 🙂

Here’s a preview of the prompts for the 31 days of October:

blogtober14 prompts

Well, I hope you find out a few things about me and I hope you will have tons of fun reading.




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