Weekly most amazing tunes – Vol.1


watch out, because this is history in the making! Haha, just kidding, or maybe not. This will be the first of hopefully many more “Weekly most amazing tunes”-posts to come. Since I am obsessed with music and don’t think I could ever live without out (fine, I could, but I don’t want to), I felt like it’s a must to share my ever changing favorite songs. Go ahead, judge me, because I admit that I literally have 5438729 favorite songs. I mean, why limit myself, right? People should love without boundaries and full with enthusiasm and that means having a ridiculous amount of favorite songs, sweater, movies, books, people (ok, that’s creepy, but you get the point), and other great things life and earth have to offer.

Well, let’s not beat around the bush for much longer and let’s check out this week’s most amazing tunes:

  • She Will Only Bring You Happiness – Mclusky


Let me warn you, this song will instantly put you in a good mood – at least it does with me. It’s the perfect song for your morning commute to work or school. I’m obsessed!

  • Ride – Cary Brothers


You’ve probably heard this song in countless TV shows and movies and let’s admit it – it never gets old. It’s such a beautiful chill song without being overly dramatic. Puuuuurfect!

  • Vallée of Cobras – The Summerland


Imagine sitting in your Jeep, or your convertible, or any other crappy car – it doesn’t matter. As long as the scenery surrounding yourself is close to the one driving down Hwy 101, you’re set. This song was written for driving and having a good time. Or for dancing in your underwear. One of the two.

  • Fly Straight – Aidan Hawken


This song is such a sweet, mellow tune and it had to be added to this week’s playlist. In my humble opinion it is the perfect combo of desperate sadness mixed with the ability to accompany rainy fall afternoons.

Well, I really, really, really hope you liked this post. I’m definitely trying to experiment with topics, categories, and entries as much as possible so if you have feedback on what you guys might like to know or read, just let me know. Should you love the music, definitely let me know, so we can exchange some of our favorite tracks and artists or even create a cool kid’s playlist together. In conclusion, just hit me up!

Happy Monday and much love



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