“That awkward moment” Movie vs. Reality

Hi guys,

hold your horses! This is not a review of the movie nor will I go on and on about how incredibly hot Zac Efron is in this movie, because he really is. Ahhh…. no, this post is specifically about the absolutely realistic behavior of the male characters, which compares to the behavior of so many guys I’ve met in real life. Now if some of you haven’t seen the movie, I suggest you stop reading here, because this post will contain a few spoilers.

Alright, now that you get the basic idea of the movie, let’s skip to the ending scene. Jason (Zac Efron) realizes that he kind of is an idiot for letting Ellie (Imogen Poots) go because of the stupid bet he started with the boys. The bet consists of staying single for as long as possible, because one of the guys had just gotten dumped by his wife. Of course women support loyalty, but do you really have to act like you don’t care about anything, in order to escape your worst fears – a.k.a. falling for someone and they might not think that you’re the coolest thing since sliced bread?! Now, first and foremost, this stuff happens in real life, people! Yes, grown up men will think that being emotionally unavailable for as long as possible is “the cool thing” to do. Some even might think that it makes them more interesting. Here are my two cents: If you have to act like a sociopath in order to have something interesting to say about yourself, you have waaaay bigger problems than the ones you’re falsely advertising. Because NEWSFLASH: You can’t be a sociopath if you have more friends than the Kardashians have Twitter followers. I can’t even count on both hands, how many guys openly advertise that they are not really emotionally available, because they are, and I quote here, “emotionally retarded.” Let me tell you something, you being retarded has nothing to do with your emotions or the lack thereof. You being retarded is simply a fact that cannot be blamed on any fantasy mental condition you made up while philosophizing drunk as shit at 4Am in some dive bar.

See most people think that the movie industry and the unrealistic way that it portrays romance and what men are supposed to be like, ruins women’s expectations. But that’s not true. You know what ruins women’s expectations – Assholes! In all of the forms we encounter them. Because really people, there is no Venus and Mars thing going on on this planet. You either like the gal or dude or you don’t. Now, I agree with the fact that some people are more open to express or show their emotions and there’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s no female/male outlook on this. Women, or people who like to sell a lot of crappy books on this topic, have started to believe in this whole Mars vs. Venus bullshit, because it justifies them dating assholes. Here’s your wake-up call, gorgeous: He’s just an asshole. And he will be for a very long time. And you might even be the one he truly, truly likes, but most men are idiots. Meaning that he might even realize that you’re the coolest chick ever, but he will try to brush those feelings off and act tough, thus him still being an asshole. So, don’t lower your standards for a guy who only misses you at 2am. It’s easy to over glorify something that used to be nice at 2am, because that’s when you probably have a buzz and you’re lonely in your gigantic king-size bed. Instead, focus on the guy that misses you at 2pm, when “normal life” is happening and he’s busy, yet he wants to share whatever it is with you. And remember, just because they throw buckets of sentiment your way when they’re drunk and they know that they don’t have to act on it.

I’m not saying that the nice, very loveable guy will be perfect, because he won’t. Nobody is and from time to time we end up hurting the people that mean the most to us. So let’s get rid of the idea of perfection, because it simply doesn’t exist. But love or feelings toward another person are either there or they’re not. It’s as simple as that. If you love a song you don’t think 3 months about listening to it or not. You just go ahead and crank that shit up, because you love it. Over time you may have other songs you listen to as well, but you don’t love them enough to put them on repeat for 72 hours straight. It’s the same with people. People are songs. Hahaha.

In conclusion, this post was supposed to make some of you realize that it’s OK to demand more. To not settle for less and childish behavior. And at a certain age all you can do is pity some people, because just like in the movie “That awkward moment”, they’re probably still playing beerpong at that shitty bar and those guys will take you back to their shitty place, while you listen to their roommate sleep with some random chick.  Know your worth and let others know it too. Let the “cool guys” end up with the shallow chicks who in 2014 still believe that the way to a man’s heart is through his pants. Dummies, it’s through their stomach, because guys love sandwiches!






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3 thoughts on ““That awkward moment” Movie vs. Reality

  1. Hi Sam!

    I love this post! I am also a firm believer that assholes remain assholes no matter how much sugar you try and pour on them. You definitely know what’s up 🙂
    Great post!!


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