If I were President… – #blogtober14 Day 11

… I really sat quite a long time staring at this empty piece of paper in front of me. Of course there are plenty of fun things one could introduce as the President of any country. BUT, yeah there’s always a but, I would like to know something about the fundamental shit that is wrong in the world. So here are the questions I would ask as a President and here are the things I would like to fix.



If I were President… I would ask these questions:

  • How come it’s the year 2014 and we still have third world countries? Seriously?! I obviously cannot fathom what it’s like to grow up or live in poverty at all, because I have been fortunate enough to come where I come from and never had to really sacrifice anything. But I would like to know how it is possible that well-established, developed, industrial countries like ours have not been able to provide poor parts of the world with a solid infrastructure? Yes, it cannot be done over night and it would take a few decades maybe, but why hasn’t this issue been approached decades ago? And I’m not talking about building schools, providing medicine, etc. – because I know that there are organizations out there that have been doing this work, very successfully, for quite some time now. I just expected that by now it should have been possible to get rid of the third world status altogether. The resources, money, and manpower our “wealthy” countries would contribute, would pay off in the long run. Imagine the markets that would be available for import/export opportunities. Imagine the way the world be connected. Imagine actually being truly equal throughout the world. Wouldn’t suck that much, would it?


  • How come it’s the year 2014 and some countries/states still feel they have some power over who people should love, be with, or get married to? This shit drives me nuts. I cannot fathom how anyone could think they have the right, let alone the audacity, to decide what a fellow human is supposed to do about his or her sexual preferences. Stay the hell out of people’s personal business. If you’re a straight couple you don’t see or hear people telling you what to do. So long live humans in general. Regardless of race, sexual preferences or any other thing humans feel the need to judge.

If I were President, I would…

  • … encourage humanity to travel and explore the rich cultures, the interesting traditions, and the beautiful people of this earth. It should be encouraged to let people move freely on this planet. If you want to pack up your things and move to another country to pursue your dreams by working hard, contributing, and adapting to the foreign culture and traditions, then anyone should be able to do it, without restrictions. And if we would solve issue number 1 we wouldn’t have to worry about the issue people complain about the most: “Foreigners take our jobs away!” – The only thing humans could worry about is qualified and hardworking foreigners taking their jobs away, but that statement really applies to anyone. So foreigners wouldn’t be really the “problem” anymore, would they?


  • … make sure that children are taught to truly follow their dreams, ambitions, and talents. Schools and other educational institutions should teach more about philosophy, about the journey of getting in touch with your inner self and discovering what it is that you’re passionate about. It’s great and obviously necessary to teach how to make a living and what life demands of adults, trust me there’s nothing wrong with that. But it is also necessary to teach how to understand this complex being that we are. And in my opinion, the educational field does not cover this whatsoever, otherwise young adults wouldn’t wait until college/university to find themselves.


  • … advocate that humans stop more to smell the roses. That the live instead of just existing. That the creation of art is fostered and that certain professions are not just labeled as “no-salary-jobs.” Everything humans create either if it’s art, music, an Excel spreadsheet for an important business presentation, or God knows what, it should be considered beautiful and a real accomplishment. Period. And, therefore, should be treated like one.

Well, I noticed this turned into a really serious post all of a sudden, but since I have the chance to speak my piece of mind, I just did.



Helene in Between Blogtober

6 thoughts on “If I were President… – #blogtober14 Day 11

  1. You know, your questions and your ambitions show you to be what most of humanity is, which is decent human beings.

    I can’t fathom how we still have countries with third world status either, or rather I can, but I hate the fact that what I think might be true.

    I think that when it’s convenient for the rich countries, they’ll use terms like how we’re a global village and how global trade is important, but when it comes to it, we’re still willing to exploit countries for their natural resources (and let’s not got started on things like diamonds)

    I believe the money is there to eradicate issues of poverty, after all, just take a look at things like ‘rich lists’.

    Surely after a certain amount of wealth has been accrued, it’s just greed.

    Think about how much money gets collected through the general public for charity, a general public that has nothing close to the wealth that is concentrated in the top echelons of society, and still no change.

    Everyday people die of preventable things, things we take for granted.

    But yet there’s money to keep cities looking sparkling, there’s always money for new stadiums, for sports stars salaries, for a whole swathe of vanity projects.

    It’s sad.

    How dare anyone tell a person who they should/shouldn’t marry, how dare anyone discriminate on grounds of gender, or sexual preference.

    How the hell do we still live in a world where children aren’t educated?

    Again, it’s sad.

    Sorry to rant on your blog haha.


    • Haha. No worries. I love exchanging thoughts and that’s why I chose to blog. But I couldn’t agree more with you. I obviously don’t know all the ins and outs and that’s now what my post was about. But, am I was asking myself, am I the only one not understanding WHY there are still third world countries? What benefit does it bring to the human race? I just don’t get it. Feel free to rant anytime. Our opinions matter!

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  2. I love your point about encouraging people to travel. It wasn’t until I ventured to Europe for the first time last year that I started appreciating other cultures, languages and arts. I think everyone should visit another country and experience a foreign culture at least once in their lives.

    Katie Petty


  3. This one was the hardest one so far I think… Love how you worked it out! 🙂 i totally agree on the marriage thing, for me personally it’s just so normal that it doesn’t matter who you love, that I totally forgot about the problems some people/countries have with it.. I’d vote for you 🙂


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