Best advice I’ve ever been given… – #blogtober14 Day 12

Good morning beautiful people,

I’ve made it to Day 12 of the Blogtober Challenge and I’ve been looking forward to today’s prompt for the past week. Today I’ll talk about the best advice I’ve ever been given and this one is really a no-brainer for me.

Now, I’ve been given quite a few interesting and very helpful pieces of advice, but there’s one person, who seriously has wisdom written all over him. Ladies & gentlemen, let me present to you my super awesome, ex-roomie, “The Monkey Boy.”


We’ve been friends for about 4 years now and went through quite some interesting times together. Despite of him moving back to Texas and me living in Germany, we’ve managed to stay in touch and keep each other updated about each others lives. When shit hits the fan, I know he’s there to give me a freaking wake-up call and put things into perspective for me. So, are you ready to hear the best advice I’ve been given?

“… it’s because you’ve only dabbled in love since him. There’s a big world out there. If he’s 1 in a million, statistically speaking there are 600 just like him!” – Josh

Now this piece of advice was given to me, when all I could do was being stuck on the idea of what love should be. It was this annoying back and forth of an emotionally abusing relationship and my roomie was there for me. I remember talking with him about the whole thing and he just managed to put things into perspective for me. Don’t we all know how things like this usually go? We have the best advice for everyone else going through things in life, but it seems like we can never follow our own advice. Somehow our brain tricks us into thinking that our situation will be sooo much different from all of the same scenarios our friends and loved ones go through. In retrospect, it’s really not. And if you find yourself having a bond with a fickle individual then do yourself a favor and move on. Don’t look for love based on a template, but, like Josh has told me so many times, let it find you. It worked for me ultimately, but it took some time to realize this.

If you’re in a relationship where the main objective is to either adapt to that person or try to change them because their behavior doesn’t match your way of thinking and your way of living, maybe it’s time to realize that that person is not meant to be with you. And trust me, once you realize that, it can be so good to finally free yourself from expectations and hopes you had about that person or the relationship you were in. I might sound a little wise too at this moment, but when I had this conversation a while back, I was anything but wise. I had the same questions a high school kid has about their crush and I was just as confused. That made me recognize the fact that no matter how old you are or how many encounters you’ve had in life, when it comes to boys and girls, we never really grow up. We might be more cautious over time, but all those hormones screw with our hands put us right back to square one. Isn’t that the beauty of falling in love, really? I mean, imagine collecting all of the pieces of life experience just to shut yourself off from meeting new people? Yuck! That would suck.

So make sure you surround yourself with people who will be honest with you. Who will show you what is good and what isn’t and who will put things into perspective for you. We all need it; I sure did. Don’t let people comfort you with empty promises, but instead look for the quick, sharp pain and gain strength from it.

Thank you for always being there for me, Joshy!



Helene in Between Blogtober

18 thoughts on “Best advice I’ve ever been given… – #blogtober14 Day 12

  1. Sam, that was def a great advice. You’re totally right about surrounding yourself with real people, who can be happy for you, when you’re celebrating life, but give you pep talk, when you need one.
    Happy you have such people in your life. And that monkey rocks! πŸ˜‰ xo

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  2. Definitely great advice! I have a “roomie” that’s always there for me, too, only we were never roomies. πŸ™‚ He’s just super straight forward and I need that sometimes.


  3. that is really great advice. I know when my husband and I broke up for a few months (before we got married, obviously) I was devastated. I had just comforted a friend through a breakup and she was finally ‘better’ and she was saying the exact same things to me that I said to her, but I couldn’t hear it – my situation was different, I was hurting more, etc etc. But like you said, it’s really not different! I could have used that advice lol. But it all worked out in the end!


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