My personal “Nightmare before Christmas”

It’s travel time, lovelies.

I have to admit that I have been fortunate enough to travel the world quite a bit and meet the coolest people on the road. I’ve had fun trips, weird trips, scary trips, and then this trip I will talk about today.

Let me take you back to Christmas of 2011. I was living in Santa Barbara, CA and was supposed to travel to Chicago for a pretty cool “Welcome to America Party”. Now, since I was still waiting on my green card, I couldn’t travel by plane and had to take a road trip, which I thought was way cooler anyways. So I got a rental (ahhh, I miss that Dodge Charger) and on my way I was. For those of you who might not know this, there’s no such thing as “real winter” in Southern California. People might wear sweaters and scarves, but only because it’s fashionable.


So just a few days before Christmas Eve I left Santa Barbara and made a quick stop in Los Angeles to eat at my favorite Burrito place in Koreatown: “California Burrito Grill”. If you have never been, please do yourself a favor and eat there. It reminds me a lot of Chipotle, with the only difference that I like this place waaay better. šŸ™‚

trip2So, after leaving California and driving through Nevada, I ended up in beautiful New Mexico and what do I find there, you might ask – the biggest freaking snowstorm. Really? That’s why I had avoided Colorado altogether. The snowstorm was just in its initial phase so that I didn’t realize one significant detail about my rental, but I’ll get to that later. Now, some of you might not agree with me on this, but I’m absolutely in love with New Mexico – when it’s not snowing. I love the desert and the beautiful scenery. Miles and miles of just nothing and towns that are named “Truth or Consequence” – isn’t that freaking rad?!



When I made it to El Paso, Texas, I quickly realized that I will never, under any circumstances come back to this place. Ever again. I had made a quick stop there to go visit my close friends Sandy and Trip, because they got stationed there with the Army. The neighborhood they lived in was very cute and we had such a good time catching up and having drinks, but at the same time, I just couldn’t wait to head a little more north. Because of unforeseeable events that kept happening while being in the state of Texas, I decided to just quit the freak road show and return to California; I was seriously done with this crap. See, as a European, I’m not a fan of big blocking spots and officers running around with big firearms. Now, I’m sure these measures are necessary, but I don’t want to be a part of it. Nor being questioned or treated like I’m some suspect, simply because I happen to sit in a car trying to enjoy a great road trip.

So I take my happy little butt back to New Mexico from Texas and decide to maybe still attempt to make it all the way to Chicago, after all. And this is where I drive through the snowstorm just to get to beautiful Colorado. I love, love, love Colorado.



Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen and been to. However, when traveling from California to Colorado, please make sure your rental car has winter tires and anything, anything at all that might be snow/winter friendly, because I sure didn’t. When driving on the highway, you could barely notice the difference, but how would you, when the roads are extremely clean? Now try driving through Colorado around Christmas time, with no winter tires – you’ll end up in a ditch just right across from a river that could have killed you. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I almost died in breathtaking Bailey, CO.

After laying in that ditch for a good half hour, I was determined enough to find someone who would help me get my car back on the road. Now, I did find a very nice man who helped me and while he was towing the car out of the ditch, he also informed me that they were expecting about 6 feet of snow. What the effing !$%# was I supposed to do now? With summer tires, mind you. I collected all of the great, unhealthy munchies I had grabbed at the gas station and decided to wait it out in a creepy cabin that also belonged to that man’s mother.




It just kept on snowing and snowing and I was slowly but surely trying to figure out how many days I could survive on the candy I had bought, before having to eat snow for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.



The next morning I decided that I was not going to drive to Chicago at all. I’ve had enough. I mean, I tried a second time and failed miserably, and now all I could think about was hopping in the car and making it back to California in one piece – I still had to drive all the back through Colorado.

I somehow made it to Utah and from there to Arizona. Needless to say, the driving conditions got better and better with each state I was closer to the Cali and I began to relax and be more relieved than ever.



As far as scenery during my trip back from Colorado, I have to admit that I fell in love with Arizona. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a desert-lover and Arizona was just breathtaking. I wish I had stayed a day or two, but trust me when I tell you, that all I wanted to do was head straight back to California and feel save with my damn summer tires.


And then I finally got home, after experiencing my personal “Nightmare before Christmas.” I just loved everything about a Californian Christmas, now. People still chilling on the beach, wearing my tank tops and flip flops again. I was glad I got to see so many states on this week long adventure of mine, but one thing just topped it all of: Being back in Santa Barbara. šŸ™‚

Do you have your personal “Nightmare before Christmas”-story? What is it about?




6 thoughts on “My personal “Nightmare before Christmas”

  1. What an adventure! I’ve would have been scared out of my mind if I had to go to a stranger’s mom house and stay there while waiting for the snow to die down.

    Katie Petty

    Liked by 1 person

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