Come to think about it…

… do you have one thing that completely creeps you out? I mean, of course you do, we all do. The thing that creeps me out might be a little weird, but I keep thinking about it quite a bit and I just don’t get it.

People who…

… like everything and everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I like positive people and the vibe they send off into the universe. There’s nothing wrong with being satisfied with your life and you who are. Kudos to you. But what really, really freaks me out are people who just like every single human being they meet. How is that even possible? It just frustrates the hell out of me. I’m not trying to be a Negative Nancy here, but statistically speaking, if I meet 10 people, I most likely won’t hit it off with about 6 of them. Why? Because I have my very unusual way of thinking and seeing things and most people just don’t see eye to eye with me. Trust me, that is not the main reason why I won’t hit it off with them, but it surely is the reason why I don’t consider everyone the coolest thing since sliced bread.

I’ve met quite a few people, who just think everyone is cool. And the hardest time I have with that is it seems a little shallow and shady to me. Is it just me or is liking everyone simply impossible? And by liking someone I don’t mean constantly sharing the same views and opinions, but genuinely liking someone. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me being picky or maybe I’m not as good as a person I’d hoped I’d be, but c’mon now? I picture those people putting on a nice face every single day, just to get home at night secretly hating everyone and their brother. Haha, OK, I’m overreacting a little, but it sounds pretty reasonable, doesn’t it.

Now, if you’re someone who just lies to avoid confrontation or tries to be open-minded enough to embrace all kinds of people and treat them equally (which is my goal too, by the way – still doesn’t mean I’m Mary freaking Poppins around them), then I truly admire you and wish to be able to think that way someday  understand that way of thinking someday.

Please understand that I’m not really judging people by their level of positivity – the more, the merrier. But if you like everyone and think that everyone is amazeballs, something’s wrong with you (in my humble opinion). OK, these thoughts had to be shared.

What are things that drive you nuts? Let me know by posting a comment.




One thought on “Come to think about it…

  1. I try to think of myself as very positive, and I try to like most people I meet, but even to me it’s impossible. Sometimes you just don’t hit it off. It’s important to try though. I may not like them, but we do need to put on a nice face when we see them – not to lie that we think they are cool, but just to behave in a nice way. 🙂


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