I’m an Expert at… – #blogtober14 Day 17

… PROCRASTINATION! It’s kind of hilarious that I should be studying for my two exams I have to take tomorrow and… oh wait… there’s a blogging challenge I have to accomplish first. Now, you must know, that I’m writing this post, after I took a very “not-so-long” look at my notes and obviously curled my hair. I’m not going to show up to my exam looking like a hobo.

My Expertise


Why, yes sir. I do make GREAT decisions while under pressure. Like, I spontaneously decided that a day of studying should be totally enough for 150+ hours of work worth of credit points. But who am I kidding? It’s 10.37 pm right now and let me tell you that it totally is NOT the greatest idea I’ve had so far. I think that also comes with the extreme convincing that putting stuff off and waiting to be completely under pressure, might help with the “actually-getting-it-done” part. Or maybe I’m just sugarcoating it, but who cares really, it’s too late for that right now!


“Getting nowhere in life” isn’t what I would call it, but procrastination sure gives you that feeling. But you know what the upside of being a procrastinator really is? – You feel young and irresponsible, at least for the time being, haha. I love that feeling. I feel like a rebel knowing that I have to study, but I decided I’m going to study tomorrow morning while sitting in the car, in the university parking lot, because that’s how I roll. Don’t get me wrong, I truly admire people who actually sit down, make a “grown up” to-do list, and then meticulously work on it. Power to you. You’re a grown up and you’ve realized how to make stuff happen in life! On bad days I wish I was you. But my life mostly consists of good days and the good days consists of binge watching re-runs of friends (or my newest addiction “Switched at birth” – good job, ABC), doing my hair, although I have nowhere to go, grabbing Subway cookies, because they’re delicious and I love the smell of Subway sandwiches. So, as you can see, pretty much anything that has NOTHING to do with what I actually have to get done. Moral of this paragraph: I’m a freaking rebel! Boo-yah!

And I know that tomorrow morning, a bunch of people will be sitting in the hallway, right before the exam starts, staring at their notes and highlighting the last legislative texts in their corpus juris, while I’ll be thinking to myself:



Alright, well, at least now you know what I’m exceptionally good at – PROCRASTINATING! And to all of my fellow procrastinators: It could be worse being us! We’re hilarious and we do things that make us happy.



P.S.: Ok, fine, I’ll go back to studying now! *tear*


11 thoughts on “I’m an Expert at… – #blogtober14 Day 17

  1. This post made me laugh and cry simultaneously. My procrastination is the reason I’m not fully bilingual and have sufferinh mathematics grades. ;-; Yay to procrastination. :p


  2. I might’ve considered yawls the queen of procrastination but so think I have to share the throne 😀 I always did and do everything last minute.. I wrote my bachelor thesis in a day, after I read all my researched stuff the day before.. The rest of the six weeks I spent blogging, doing my makeup, binge watching some show, playing computer games, getting a cat… You get the idea 😉 and now I have my own business, don’t let anyone ever tell you procrastination doesn’t get you anywhere!

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