Things that make me happy… #blogtober14 Day 19

… I know, I know, I skipped a couple of days, but I think everyone who has to take ridiculous exams on a Saturday is excused, right? Alright, glad we got that out of the way!

Today’s prompt is about things that make me happy. Obviously people count their blessings in life (or at least they should), therefore, this post should be super easy. Well, right before I started composing this new entry, that’s exactly what I thought. But as you can see, I’m procrastinating starting this list, because I’m trying to buy myself some time here. Ahh… ok, I’ll try to list a few things!

 What makes a freckled face happy?



I know that some people don’t like their freckles and I honestly don’t get it. The only reason I look forward to summer (OK, maybe not the only reason, but one of the most important reasons) is so that I can breed my freckles. When choosing a foundation, I make sure that it’s not full-coverage so that I can still see my freckles. You get the gist of it: My freckles are awesome, freckles in general are amazeballs and they make me happy!




I love, love, love breakfast food. I could eat breakfast food ALL day long and not get tired of it. If there’s a Denny’s or an IHOP in the vicinity, I will stop there before going to a fancy restaurant. Because let’s face it: How sad would life be without scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes?


I LOVE my dad’s cooking. He’s far too talented to not be awarded a few Michelin stars, but I guess that was never his ambition. His specialty is sea food and ERMAGHERD it’s twice as delicious as it looks like. Mind you, this is just a regular Monday dinner at my parents’ house. Nothing fancy, no party. Look at how he created a whole garden out of vegetables and fruits. He’s amazing!!!!



I’ve been to quite a few places in my life and I’ve loved most of them for different reasons. Anyway, there’s something about California that keep drawing me back to it. Especially Southern California gives me a sense of peace, the feeling that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. It’s the beautiful combination of power lines and palm tress, and the Pacific, the people, that laid-back mentality, the weather – simply everything. California rules!



Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday EVER! I love the decorating-the-house part, trying to find amazing gifts for loved ones, the food, the get togethers. And since I moved back to Germany I really, really love going to the Christmas markets. I’m not too much into crowds, but after a few Glühwein (hot spiced wine), I don’t even mind people anymore. Freaking awesome! How many days until Christmas? – I need to start a countdown!



Blahhhhh… I can totally see some of you rolling their eyes thinking to themselves: “How shallow?!” – But hey, I’m part girly girl and I love makeup. I really enjoy the whole process of picking out and buying it, trying different brands and products, getting ready in the morning and putting makeup on. Talking to my girlfriends about what products they use. Makeup is amazing. I could literally spend hours upon hours on YouTube watching Beauty Gurus reveal their tricks and talk about their beauty products. And for all men out there, who claim that women lie by putting makeup on: “It’s not my fault you’re dumb enough to think my eyelids are made of golden glitter!”



Well, this is definitely a no-brainer. I discovered that I’m kind of badass and enjoy tattoos about 6 years ago and I have been working on my “collection” ever since. And the part that scares my mom the most: I’m not even remotely done with the beautiful art I’ve planned to have drawn on my skin. I love searching for tattoo ideas, talking to other people about tattoos and looking at tattoos. And trust me, I really don’t care what I will look like when I’m 60, because I honestly don’t want to see any 60-year-olds in bikinis – tattooed or not. Haha.


This song by Ed Sheeran really does it for me right now. I have to admit that I listen to Ed Sheeran ALL day long, really, ALL day long. He’s such an amazing artist and even his most melodramatic songs, just make me happy. Like a sad kind of happy, but happy nonetheless. I simply love him! Which reminds me that I have to update my “Eargasm” category on here with this week’s best tunes!!! Ahhh… I will get to it immediately. Just expect this song to be on there too! Duh!


I really want to know what makes you guys happy! Share your happiness-creating-machines with me! You all should know by now that I’m curious!



Helene in Between Blogtober

15 thoughts on “Things that make me happy… #blogtober14 Day 19

  1. I think freckles are adorable! One of my good friends had A TON of them like you but hated them. I don’t know why. My hubby freckles in the summer and I love it. haha! And tattoos are so addicting. Once you get one you always want to get more lol


  2. Holy crap! I love your dads cooking, it looks so cool! I myself love Christmas and have a thing for tattoo’s. I want another tattoo (or 2) but I’m running out of room to put them. I like to be able to cover them when I’m at work, as it stands I have 6. Your list is great & I’m stopping by from the link up. Happy Sunday!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for stopping by. Im very flattered that you like my dad’s cooking, I will definitely post more of his creations on the blog. Glad you found me and I will definitely stop by your blog as well. Happy Sunday to you as well. xx


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