Weekly most amazing tunes – Vol.2

Hi guys,

although this is probably my favorite category of my blog, I don’t really get to update it as much as I’d like to, it seems! Well, this week I’ve been listening a lot to Ed Sheeran, because I friggin’ love the dude!!! Alright, without further ado, let’s begin with this week’s most amazing tunes!

U.N.I. – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is simply a lyrical genius; there’s no doubt about it. Hello?? Have you listened to the words he sings? Ahhh…. amazing! Please, please, please… fall in love with his music, you won’t regret it.

3 Rounds and a Sound – Blind Pilot

Isn’t this one of the most imperfect love songs you’ve ever heard? All you want to do is put on a hat, lounge around in your summer dress and have your significant other follow you around with a vintage polaroid camera. Or drink tea. Tons of tea. And I don’t even like tea!

Precious – Tobias Fröberg

Perfect tune for a rainy Sunday afternoon. Imagine you’re sitting somewhere comfy with your laptop or tablet and you’re, I don’t, online shopping, or looking up your favorite quotes, or getting crazy on Pinterest! There you go. This is your soundtrack. – You’re welcome. 😉

You Got What I Need – Joshua Radin

Do you ever watch a movie and then there’s this perfect song during a long, passionate kiss or lovemaking scene and you think to yourself: “Where is this type of music in my life when I need it?” – Well, if your life had a soundtrack for breathtaking kisses and romantic pillow fights, this song would definitely be on it, don’t you think?

Say Something – Joe Brooks

Because let’s face it, we’re all in love with the original by “The Great Big World & Christina Aguilera”… However, when I found this cover, I really liked the voices and the harmony of this duet and so I keep listening to this version far more than I listen to the original. This song is just amazing!!!

Well, I hope you liked this week’s picks! What songs have been stuck in your head lately?




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