The beauty of job searching…

… it’s time to share something personal again, dear readers.

As most of you know, I’m in a place in life, where the unknown is scary yet exciting. I am looking for jobs that suit my personality and match with my working experience. Now I realize, why I advertise working a lot and for a lot of different companies. Once you’ve accumulated enough working experience to genuinely sit back and understand what is your cup of tea and what not, is when job searching will turn into a beautiful adventure.

The Search


I must admit that when the company I used to work for couldn’t keep about 30% of the staff, the first thought I had was to apply for EVERY job available. It’s that initial fear of not being able to pay bills or being frightened that you will sit at home, munch on chocolate all day long and just despair at the thought of not having a routine in your days anymore. And frankly, I have applied to jobs that don’t even interest me, simply because I love to work and I love the feeling of having a professional purpose. However, later on in my search, I came across job descriptions (I wouldn’t call them offers yet, because I haven’t received one) that really, really caught my eye. Do you know the feeling, when every requirement they have is YOU? It’s kind of like a stranger lurking into your office all day long with some additional mind-reading abilities and then just thought: “Hey, I’m looking for a person who thinks, breathes, lives this!” – Well, this is how I feel now, when I search for jobs that interest me. Positions that are exactly what I want to do and companies where I want to end. It’s darling!

Get to know yourself


I can’t stress it enough. While getting laid off is not a noble experience, it certainly gives you time and energy to focus on the real you. The “you” that you didn’t even know you were, because you were pressured by harsh deadlines, rude clients, or anything else that might distract you from getting to know yourself. If you would have asked me about 6 months ago what I want to do when I grow up, I probably would have said something completely different than what my answer is today. Some might call it being fickle, but I call it growing up. Now, if you, for some reason, have always known what you wanted to be and do and where you wanted to end up – GO YOU! I admire you and I respect determination like no other. But for all ordinary mortals our there, don’t worry because who can expect a 25 year-old gal to know EXACTLY what she wants to do in life? Sure, I have some sort of direction and kind of know what my strengths are, but I’m in no way, shape, or form some “future-guru” with a crystal ball. Aren’t we all supposed to grow and learn and gain. If I go through life not expanding my horizon, not thinking out of the box, not constantly gaining new expertise or skills, then what the heck am I doing breathing 24 hours a day? Do you see my issue here? How can my answer six months ago be possibly identical to the answer I would give you today? Exactly! I grow and I change and I am still molding into the person I only know fractions about yet.

Enjoy the ride


It’s easier said then done, but don’t overstress things. If there is one thing I have learned in life so far is that nothing lasts forever and everything passes. And while it might really, really be unfortunate in some circumstances, it surely is a blessing in other.




2 thoughts on “The beauty of job searching…

  1. I absolutely loved your advice about working for a lot of different companies and seeing what you like and don’t like. I’m trying my best to get experience in different fields I’m interested in before I head off to college and spend thousands on a degree.

    Katie Petty

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