Dear younger Sam… – Day 27 #blogtober14 Challenge

It’s already Day 27, I just can’t believe it. Either way, today is another “letter day” and you all know how much I like to write letters. So “younger Sam” beware, because I have some things in store for you! πŸ˜‰

Dear younger Sam, …


Remember that first day of school, back in 1995? I wish, you would have kept being that focused in your teenage years as well. Granted, you did graduate and did everything you wanted to do, but you didn’t set your priorities the way they should have been. I wish you would have known that changing all of your plans for boys, friends, or for a lousy job that seemed so promising years ago, is not the right way to go about it. Ultimately, you will get back on the right track, but you will need to sacrifice a lot to get there – this could have been avoided. Education is key and being 25 still studying on Friday and Saturday nights, while you could be out, enjoying a nice glass of wine or just land better jobs, does sound like a rather cooler option, doesn’t it?


You will realize that most of the people you call friends now, will reveal themselves as “partying or drinking acquaintances” – there’s nothing wrong with that. You will eventually grow apart and pursue different things in life. Whoever stood beside you in your teen years might even be married by now or have children – accept and welcome their different life choices and lifestyles. Be happy about growing up from the party-life as well. Enjoy while it lasts and be adventurous, fun, irresponsible for as long as you can, because you have your whole life ahead of you to be anything but those things. Later in your 20s you will most those partying days, but remember: You’ll miss the memories, not necessarily all of the people. So in order to make those moments memorable, I want you to party like a freaking rock star. Thanks!


Boys will come and go. And since you’ve always been a hopeless romantic, you will confuse the idea of infatuation with love more times than others. It’s not a flaw to feel everything so deeply and fall head over heels for guys, but just remember: Love is a big, scary, overwhelming thing – you will realize once you find it. And although you probably toy unintentionally with someone’s feelings, it doesn’t make it any better for them. So even though you feel like you “love” the dude, don’t tell him just yet. Not because you might scare him off, but because you might not really love him. Take your time to “like” someone, no one has to be sure of where things are headed. So with boys just take your time. Be yourself, but make sure you’re not just dabbling in love.

And if they’re not being that nice to you, don’t chase them. One thing you will learn is that changing a person is no fun and it’s not even possible. You wouldn’t want anybody to change you, so don’t chase after boys you would need to change in order to make you happy. Live and let live. It’s as simple as that!


Travel the world. It’s in traveling and traveling only that you will find happiness. You don’t know that yet, but you will see places and meet people that you would have never dreamed of – be glad. Those are life experiences that have to be made especially when you’re young. So hop on those planes, visit places, make friends, and when you have less than a dollar on your returning flight home, you’ve done EVERYTHING right!

The gist of this letter to you, dear younger Sam, is basically to not stress over things too much. Even if you don’t know where you’re going with life or what might be ahead of you, it’s totally OK and it is what life will be like in 10 years from now as well. Just know your worth and don’t settle for less. Get an education, travel, fall in and out love, make as many friends as you can, so you will have a great handful, when quality and not quantity matters. But above all, learn to love and appreciate yourself. Time spent with yourself will be the most valuable. Period.




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