Winter Wonderland


Most of you might ask themselves how someone from Germany could possibly get so excited about snow in the winter. Well, my dearest readers, it’s due to the fact that after I’ve been back from California it hasn’t snowed like this around the holiday season. Unfortunaly, we didn’t have a white Christmas this year either, but we’ve been blessed with enough snow to satisfy my little winter-loving heart right after Christmas. So let’s be grateful together!

When I told my boyfriend that it was supposed to snow over night, we both couldn’t really believed. Especially because this year’s winter just wasn’t all that cold. Of course it was cloudy, rainy, and very windy – we’re in Germany after all – but it surely felt more like an exxagerated fall season than anything else.

Then I woke up on Saturday, looked outside of my living room window and saw this:

IMG_1646Everything was covered in beautiful, powdery snow! Ahhhh, isn’t it gorgeous?!

It continued to snow all Saturday, but that doesn’t stop us winter-friendly people to still go out and do whatever. I, for example, grabbed some coffee with a friend of mine and didn’t mind hopping from one coffee place to the next.

Am I in Aspen?

IMG_1644Although I’m sunkissed, in front of a beautiful scenery, all bundled up wearing my fancy Prada shades, I’m certainly not in Aspen. I’m in a little suburb right outside of Mainz, Germany. But thanks to my retired neighbors, I’m blessed with a rather luxurious view. My neighbor breathes and lives for her backyard and I couldn’t be happier about it. She takes such wonderful care of all of the trees that when you take a picture from my balcony or my living room window, it really looks like I’m spending some quality time in a very nice resort, when in reality I’m probably wearing pajamas while sipping on a homemade hot chocolate. I agree – life is good!


My view


IMG_1643IMG_1647I’m so glad that on Sunday the sun decided to come out and give us this wonderful view. The amount of snow that fell during one day of snowing is incredible and look how gorgeous it makes everything look. I just love it.

Most people are annoyed, because driving is a little bitch, I get that! But I take the bus and train everywhere so I’m not upset about this at all!

Sending some snowy winter-hugs your way!





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