My personal “Nightmare before Christmas”

It’s travel time, lovelies.

I have to admit that I have been fortunate enough to travel the world quite a bit and meet the coolest people on the road. I’ve had fun trips, weird trips, scary trips, and then this trip I will talk about today.

Let me take you back to Christmas of 2011. I was living in Santa Barbara, CA and was supposed to travel to Chicago for a pretty cool “Welcome to America Party”. Now, since I was still waiting on my green card, I couldn’t travel by plane and had to take a road trip, which I thought was way cooler anyways. So I got a rental (ahhh, I miss that Dodge Charger) and on my way I was. For those of you who might not know this, there’s no such thing as “real winter” in Southern California. People might wear sweaters and scarves, but only because it’s fashionable.

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My best (not worst) vacation – #Blogtober14 Day 7

Hi guys,

YES! It’s time to write my first post for the #Blogtober14 challenge. Today I will tell you all about my best vacation so far.

Let’s travel back to February of 2011, when my girlfriends and I decided to meet some of our friends in Vegas for a two-week birthday bash. Let me start by telling you that no one, EVER, should go on a trip to Vegas for more than a weekend. That two week trip seriously sucked that last bit of energy and life out of us, but it was amazeballs!!! I’ll let some pictures speak for themselves. Our first stop was Las Vegas. We flew from Frankfurt, Germany to Los Angeles first and then took another plane that took us to Sin City. Although we were sort of jet lagged, the excitement of being on trip and the fact that we were staying at the Hard Rock Hotel, in the Punk Rock Designer Pool Suite nonetheless, did not keep us from partying from day one.


Finally in LA after our first 9 hour flight


The strip by night

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Bella Napoli

Hi beautiful readers,

it’s time for me to share one of my favorite cities in Italy. This year in June, I was lucky enough to visit Naples in southern Italy and let me tell you, this place is different than any other places I have ever been to. A thousand words couldn’t describe the beauty, the vibe of that city. The people are like no other. It’s simply breathtaking!

The View

Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius

Naples, Italy

Naples, Italy

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A fall afternoon in Strasbourg

Hey guys,

ok, so I after I spent a beautiful afternoon in Strasbourg, France the other day, I really feel like you should be able to see the photographic evidence of the beauty I got to witness. Luckily, I live about two hours away from Strabourg so it was possible to spontaneously hop in the car and go for a drive. That’s exactly what I did… and I LOVED it. Strasbourg is such a charming city and the Alsace architecture reminded me so much of Germany.


River balconies in Strasbourg, France


Le Petite France – Strasbourg, France

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