Monthly Beauty Favorites – December 2014

Hi lovelies,

It is time for a new tradition and for me to blog more about my no. 1 passion: Makeup!

Most of you, who follow me on Instagram (@violently_freckled) know that I collect as much makeup as humanly possible. I love to try new brands ranging from drugstore products all the way to the known high end brands. But I still feel like I haven’t blogged much about makeup and that really bums me out. So welcome to a hopefully long and consistent new segment on my blog – the monthly beauty favorites!

Face Products


I’m so obsessed with this foundation it’s not even funny. It’s medium coverage, but can definitely be build up to full coverage depending on the amount that is applied as well as the brush that is used. I can’t really vouch for the whole “matching” aspect of it, since my undertone is more on the neutral side so it’s normally very difficult for me to find a good match for my skin tone, but I still love it!

Get it here.

IMG_1722This priming powder was definitely a huge surprise for me this month. My sister Kelly sent me this great Christmas package with tons of products she uses on the regular and wanted me to try it. I’m usually more of a cream primer person so I was a little skeptical when I tried it for the first time. Since I really wanted to minimize my pores and have a great base for my foundation I applied with a really thick tapered Kabuki brush by Sigma and let me tell you that I just love it. I instantly noticed the difference. My foundation was going on very smoothly and it required no setting with a powder at all. Go Too Faced!

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OK, first of all, this bronzer smells like chocolate. Like chocolate!!! It is the most delicious thing I’ve ever applied to my face. I love how you can build up to the desired tone, because a lot of bronzers tend to be either too dark or too shimmery so that the contouring might look either cakey or, even worse, very fake. Love this!

Get it here.



So a few weeks ago I bought a few things off the bh Cosmetics website, because I think I’m the only person on this planet who has known about the brand, but never really got around to purchase something from them. Well, I finally did and I understand what the hype is about. This blush palette is seriously my go to blush for now. I love that this palette has so many different shades and most of them are perfect for every skin tone. The blushes are really pigmented, I mean some of them even too much. I don’t mean this in a negative way at all; you just need to be careful if you tend to be heavy-handed with your brushes.

Get it here.


And last but not least, my new found love this month! Gosh!!! This highlighter by Makeup Revolution is just simply gorgeous! I stumbled across this brand a couple of weeks ago and since the products are really convenient, I decided to purchase a bunch of stuff just to try them out. The packaging definitely reminds me of the heart-shaped Too Faced blushes & highlighters. I haven’t seen my MAC “Soft & Gentle” all of December, I’ve been this obsessed!

Get it here.

Eye Products


Hello, savior for lazy girls. I’m sure you’re all familiar with being stressed during the holiday season. Running errands, getting presents, and all that stuff. I have to admit that my makeup has been really light these past couple of weeks, because I was just juggling too many things at once. So instead of putting a lot of time into in-depth smokey eyes, I literally used this eye pencil by Urban Decay and it is amazing. It’s like butter, very creamy and sooo intense. Trust me, I didn’t miss my gel liner AT ALL!

Get it here.

IMG_1717This mascara is truly something else. I’m pretty sure that most of us it’s pretty much impossible to go ahead and find the perfect mascara. Don’t get me wrong, I own a few mascaras that I really like and will definitely repurchase, but none of them has been “the perfect one” so far. Well, the “Better than sex” mascara by Too Faced surely comes close to perfect. The brush is so unique, I’ve never seen anything like it and the formula is so creamy yet not too intense. It’s definitely worth a try if you haven’t tried it yet.

Get it here.

IMG_1720So as I mentioned before, I went on this pretty crazy bh Cosmetics online shopping haul and decided to try one of their brow pens. I really, really like the texture and formula of this brow pen. It’s like butter and so easy to blend that it will transform your eyebrows. The only “problem” that I’m having with it, is that it doesn’t really match my hair color or my brow color. I’ll see if another color is more flattering for me. But other than that I have not regretted buying this at all. Definitely a great find.

Get it here.

Lip Products


This month I welcomed two new lipsticks to my MAC family. Finally “Russian Red”, which is such a topseller shade that I must be the only red-lipstick-lover, who didn’t have this beauty in her collection. Then I got “Speak Louder” which is a rich, pinky shade maybe more suitable for work and school. I love, love, love these! They’re not only gorgeous, but also last forever, as any other MAC lipstick! Love them!

Get it here.

IMG_1714Last but not least, my very first Urban Decay lipstick in the shade “Native.” First of all, I have to admit that I’ve been eyeing these lipsticks for so long online and just never got around to actually purchase and try one. Second of all, I’m usually not a big fan of nude lipsticks, because they just make me look so pale and life-less. Well, not anymore. Hello, nude lipsticks! This very creamy and matte lipstick is peeeerfect! It’s gorgeous and makes me want to purchase more Urban Decay lippies!

Get it here.


Well, babes, that’s it for the monthly favorites and this is also my last post in 2014. I really hope you guys had a fantastic year and I cannot wait to start the new year with tons of blogging and meeting more and more wonderful people on here.

Much love & a happy New Year!





Winter Wonderland


Most of you might ask themselves how someone from Germany could possibly get so excited about snow in the winter. Well, my dearest readers, it’s due to the fact that after I’ve been back from California it hasn’t snowed like this around the holiday season. Unfortunaly, we didn’t have a white Christmas this year either, but we’ve been blessed with enough snow to satisfy my little winter-loving heart right after Christmas. So let’s be grateful together!

When I told my boyfriend that it was supposed to snow over night, we both couldn’t really believed. Especially because this year’s winter just wasn’t all that cold. Of course it was cloudy, rainy, and very windy – we’re in Germany after all – but it surely felt more like an exxagerated fall season than anything else.

Then I woke up on Saturday, looked outside of my living room window and saw this:

IMG_1646Everything was covered in beautiful, powdery snow! Ahhhh, isn’t it gorgeous?!
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A very freckled Christmas

Hi beautiful friends,

Now that the holidays are halfway over, I thought it would be great to take a second and reflect on this holiday season. Due to my Italian family being sooo big, it’s almost impossible to gather everyone together and really get to see the whole family during the holidays so we always have to plan in advance and decide which family members to get together with. Since my grandpa came all the way from Sicily to spend the holidays with my dad’s side of the family we did just that. It was a rather small group of approximately 14 people.

Soooo, here are a few impressions of my Christmas. I really hope you all had a good time during the holidays and that you enjoyed yourselves as well as the time spent with your loved ones.

A glimpse of Christmas

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Winter-Preppy Chic

It’s fashion tiiiime!

I know that it’s been a while since I’ve talked fashion on the blog and I figured that I need to present some of the new items I got at H&M today. Since I have a pretty important interview tomorrow, I wanted to get some new pieces that I could combine with a very simple dark denim. The perfect business casual look and sooo cute for winter.

Let’s take a look!

This ain’t a man’s world


I just love the combination of the very boyish-chic plaid blazer with the ruffled blouse. I’m not much of a blouse kind of gal, because it just doesn’t really look the way it’s supposed to look when you happen to be very voluptous – which is my case. No matter what I do, buttoning up a blouse ends up to be the biggest nightmare. I’ve tried taping the spaces in between and using baby pins – nothing helps. And it also ends up looking ridiculous. So whenever I get to trick my body into wearing blouses it’s a win for me. This time I won big time!

Retro is the way to go


Excuse me?! How gorgeous are these shoes? I’m just completely in love with these lace up Oxford shoes I got at H&M. I have to admit that I tend to be a little dicount hunter when it comes to clothing, simply because I’m a shopaholic and like to get as much as possible for my money. The only fashion items I like to spend more money on, because I tend to have them for way longer than regular clothes are shoes and handbags. But when I saw these Brogues in the store, I just had to have them. Not to mention that I’ve always been very impressed with quality of H&M shoes, although they are very affordable. They’re comfortable, very chic, and simply timeless!

The combo makes the whole outfit


A combo either makes or breaks an outfit. I’m a firm believer of pairing in style, because that way it won’t matter if you’re only wearing designer brands or mixing different brands ranging all the way from discounter basics over to more high end brands. Take my denim collection as an example: For some weird reason the pairs of jeans that best fit me are from H&M. Some of my denim was only 10 Euro while other pair of jeans cost up to 50 Euro. Either way I’m very comfortable with the way they fit and I don’t think I will stray away from them anytime soon. My favorite purse of mine is my Speedy Bag by Louis Vuitton, which is anything but discount, but it’s an investment I can definitely recommend, simply because it’s chic, timeless, and can be paired with soooo many things. When pairing wisely, I don’t believe that an outfit looks cheap, even if the clothes itself are not top notch, because the combination of the colors and styles go so well together that it pulls the whole look together.

Where to get the outfit

Handbag: Louis Vuitton Speedy 40

Jeans:       Skinny Low Jeans

Blazer:      Plaid Blazer                 Currently on sale

Shoes:       Brouges                       Currently on sale

Blouse:     Satin ruflled blouse

A lot of the items are currently on sale, because I personally got them a few weeks ago. So if I were you I’d hurry up on get some good deals on the blazer and the oxford shoes. They’re both on sale for 50% of the price!

Let me know how you like the outfit and if you would buy anything on this list!





… I survived Christmas!


it is sooo good to be back! First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and that you got to relax and enjoy your time off – I sure did!

Before diving into all things Christmas, I will update you on what’s new in my life and tell you why I’ve been absent for so long.

Goodbye first semester

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Quick update…

… Hi lovelies,

first of all: I am so sorry that I have kept you waiting quite a while to hear from me, but it’s been a very busy couple of weeks for me. Of course, as most of you know by now, my exam weekend is coming up again and I can guarantee you that there’s nothing worse than studying for service management. Trust me, there just isn’t. On top of that I’m still applying like a productive busy bee and let’s just say that I have some very cool opportunities if things work out the way I hope they will.

New Hair Color

So, now that you know what I’ve been up to, let’s discuss a few news in the oh-so-ever interesting life of Sam. Firstly, I finally changed my hair color! I know, I know… I had worked so hard on my beautiful blonde and after all the money, the salon visits and the deep conditioning treatments I am a little sad to see the blonde locks disappear in the matter of half an hour, BUT I missed my more “natural” hair color way more, hence the change.


Soooo…. what do you think? I apologize for the horrible quality of the photo, but in my defense: This was really a spur of the moment selfie while watching one of new favourite TV shows “Arrow” (I’ll get back to that later!). I will definitely take a better picture in the next couple of days. Anyway, I’m sooo in love with my new hair color, it’s kind of ridiculous. It’s such a beautiful dark chocolate brown shade and my hair looks definitely less damaged than it did when it was blonde. Especially my ends, while still a little “sore” from being dyed and bleached quite often, look a little healthier now. Yaaay! On a side note: What are your favourite products when it comes to “overworked” ends? I’m still trying to find THAT one product. Ahhh…. the struggle is real.

What makes me happy?

Well, this week I’ve been extremely happy. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been in a funk lately or anything, but sometimes when life is pretty stressful and things just pile up, you just forget to stop and smell the roses for a bit. So this week I’ve been able to kind of “reconnect” with some old friends stateside that I haven’t heard from in a while. It feels good to have your heart and love shattered in so many different places all over the globe! And it’s good to know that while we grow into whatever life wants us to grow in, people who value your friendship will pick up right where you left off. For me that’s always been an indicator of what kind of friendship or connection I have to someone else. I don’t expect from people to constantly keep in touch with me, especially because I am soooo horrible at keeping in touch with people myself. But if there’s chemistry of any kind, I definitely know once I talk to someone I haven’t spoken to in a while. So here’s to real friends, no matter where in the world they are!

What confused me

I’m sure it’s not just me, because Kim Kardashian did break the Internet. But why did I have to see her oily BIG butt while I was trying to enjoy my coffee? Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate her butt on good days, because it is a phenomenon (it really is), but in the AM? While I’m trying to drink my coffee and be more human? Why?

I hope you guys had a wonderful two weeks and I promise to definitely not keep you waiting much longer for news and posts.

Much love,




Last Minute Halloween Makeup Look needed?

Hey babes,

well, I know that my tutorials are in German, BUT, in case you’re still wondering what to do on Halloween as far as Makeup and costumes are concerned, just take a sneak peek at my newest tutorial.

Halloween meet Pop Art


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