For all the vinos out there…

My tummy is full, I had yummy wine, and I’m happy. What more could I want? Well, to share one of my favorite spots out there.

I don’t know if many of you have been to Mainz, Germany before, but if not, you really should. My hometown is a rather small, very charming, university city, located in the south west of Germany. If you have ever heard of Gutenberg, the guy who pretty much invented printing, then you’ve probably heard of Mainz as well. Anyways, our region is known for extraordinarily good wine – let’s just say that I live in what you would consider “Germany’s Napa.” Therefore, we have tons of wineries, vineyards, and very delicious wine. When I get together with some of my friends it’s usually at this very low key wine-house downtown Mainz called “Rote Kopf”, which literally translated into “red head.” And no, they don’t mean gingers, but rather the color your face will turn into once you’ve had one too many.

The Location

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A taste of Germany – Brauhaus Goldener Engel in Ingelheim


Early today I announced that I will be adding a new category to the blog and here it is – “Munchin” (!!!) This category will be all about food, as I love to go out to eat and thought to myself “Hey, why not share it with the whole world and suggest places and food?!” So, after my lovely lunch date today, I will let you know where and what I ate and if you ever end up being in the area you can check this spot out yourselves.

Brauhaus Goldener Engel

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