Winter-Preppy Chic

It’s fashion tiiiime!

I know that it’s been a while since I’ve talked fashion on the blog and I figured that I need to present some of the new items I got at H&M today. Since I have a pretty important interview tomorrow, I wanted to get some new pieces that I could combine with a very simple dark denim. The perfect business casual look and sooo cute for winter.

Let’s take a look!

This ain’t a man’s world


I just love the combination of the very boyish-chic plaid blazer with the ruffled blouse. I’m not much of a blouse kind of gal, because it just doesn’t really look the way it’s supposed to look when you happen to be very voluptous – which is my case. No matter what I do, buttoning up a blouse ends up to be the biggest nightmare. I’ve tried taping the spaces in between and using baby pins – nothing helps. And it also ends up looking ridiculous. So whenever I get to trick my body into wearing blouses it’s a win for me. This time I won big time!

Retro is the way to go


Excuse me?! How gorgeous are these shoes? I’m just completely in love with these lace up Oxford shoes I got at H&M. I have to admit that I tend to be a little dicount hunter when it comes to clothing, simply because I’m a shopaholic and like to get as much as possible for my money. The only fashion items I like to spend more money on, because I tend to have them for way longer than regular clothes are shoes and handbags. But when I saw these Brogues in the store, I just had to have them. Not to mention that I’ve always been very impressed with quality of H&M shoes, although they are very affordable. They’re comfortable, very chic, and simply timeless!

The combo makes the whole outfit


A combo either makes or breaks an outfit. I’m a firm believer of pairing in style, because that way it won’t matter if you’re only wearing designer brands or mixing different brands ranging all the way from discounter basics over to more high end brands. Take my denim collection as an example: For some weird reason the pairs of jeans that best fit me are from H&M. Some of my denim was only 10 Euro while other pair of jeans cost up to 50 Euro. Either way I’m very comfortable with the way they fit and I don’t think I will stray away from them anytime soon. My favorite purse of mine is my Speedy Bag by Louis Vuitton, which is anything but discount, but it’s an investment I can definitely recommend, simply because it’s chic, timeless, and can be paired with soooo many things. When pairing wisely, I don’t believe that an outfit looks cheap, even if the clothes itself are not top notch, because the combination of the colors and styles go so well together that it pulls the whole look together.

Where to get the outfit

Handbag: Louis Vuitton Speedy 40

Jeans:       Skinny Low Jeans

Blazer:      Plaid Blazer                 Currently on sale

Shoes:       Brouges                       Currently on sale

Blouse:     Satin ruflled blouse

A lot of the items are currently on sale, because I personally got them a few weeks ago. So if I were you I’d hurry up on get some good deals on the blazer and the oxford shoes. They’re both on sale for 50% of the price!

Let me know how you like the outfit and if you would buy anything on this list!